Let An Experienced Divorce Lawyer Secure Your Financial Future

It is more expensive to live as two single people than as a married couple. For this and other reasons, divorce can jeopardize the financial security of even the most responsible individuals. Needless to say, it is imperative to work with a family law attorney who will fight to secure your fair share of marital assets.

In Tampa and throughout northern Florida, you can find the help you are looking for at the Law Offices of J. Anthony Franco, PLLC. Mr. Franco has earned a reputation for his litigation skills as well as his commitment to serving clients. When you hire him as your attorney, you can expect personalized attention, knowledgeable representation and tireless advocacy throughout the divorce process.

How Are Marital Assets Divided In A Florida Divorce?

Like most other states, Florida relies on the “equitable distribution” model. Courts must divide a couple’s marital assets and debts equitably (fairly). Florida’s model is distinct from other states in that courts are required to start with the assumption that the assets will be split 50-50. From there, however, judges can choose to deviate and award one spouse a greater share if doing so is warranted and would achieve a fair result.

There would be many reasons a judge might deviate from a 50-50 split, but common reasons include:

  • Evidence that one spouse interrupted their own career to support the other’s advancement and/or to be a stay-at-home parent
  • The relative economic circumstances of each spouse following the divorce
  • Evidence that one spouse significantly depleted or wasted marital assets in the two years leading up to divorce

Some of the “big-ticket” items to be divided in a typical divorce include the marital residence, retirement accounts, vehicles, stocks/bonds and bank accounts.

It’s important to note that Florida’s equitable distribution model only applies to marital assets and debts. Generally, this is any asset or debt acquired by either spouse during the marriage. Most assets obtained prior to marriage are considered separate and are therefore not subject to division.

Working With A Skilled Attorney To Uncover A Spouse’s Hidden Assets

A fair division of assets can only be achieved if both spouses are thorough and completely honest regarding asset disclosure. Unfortunately, it is somewhat common for one spouse to attempt to hide assets that must be disclosed.

If you are worried that your spouse is hiding assets or plans to do so, it is especially critical to hire an experienced, detail-oriented and determined attorney like J. Anthony Franco. As your lawyer, Mr. Franco will meticulously examine your spouse’s disclosures and use the discovery process to compel them to produce official paperwork and records of anything that seems suspicious or incomplete.

He can also demand an inspection of certain assets and question your spouse during a deposition, which comes with the threat of sanctions and other penalties for lying under oath. When needed, Mr. Franco also works with third-party financial professionals to perform an in-depth investigation into marital assets. In short, he will do everything in his power to fully account for marital assets and ensure you receive your fair share.

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